A Review of Chinese Word Lists Accessible on the Internet

Published: 1995-12-15

Updated: 2006-01-01


It is quite easy to find English word lists, or even English corpora, on the Internet. However, Chinese word lists are quite rare. In this article, I introduce a few word lists that I've found on the Internet. The comments associated with each word list were my subjective evaluation.

Chinese word lists are useful in various ways. I think they will be useful to people interested in natural language processing or text processing. People interested in computational linguistics will also find them useful.

Among the lists reviewed, two are in the form of Usenet news articles. They are the phonetic phrase database and ETen lc*.tab conversion program. I would suggest you download them and store them locally as soon as possible, since they are very likely to be removed in the future.


libtabe lexicon

Tsai's list of Chinese words

ezinput big lexicon



phonetic phrase database

cihui dictionary

ETen lcphrase.tab & lcword.tab conversion program

duoyuanpinyin ciku for richwin